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Sweet with heat romantic comedy with Miami flair

Check out my sweary, sweet with heat, romantic comedies about women that have cool jobs and who find their happily ever after. Stories with low-angsts/low-drama that are sure to make you laugh. Also, there’s kissing…lots of kissing but no graphic sex as our characters will close the door just as they get going, I mean they want privacy too ;)

My first series is called "Sunny Beach University," about a bunch of people that work in higher education and fall in love! You will not find professor/student romance. As someone that works in higher ed... let's just say I have strong opinions on the matter... but also, if you've ever wondered what happens inside a university or what does staff (not professors) do all day, you might learn a few things!


If you work in higher ed, I hope you love the stories and that they make you laugh. Our profession is amazing and crazy and so much fun! I love working with students! 

My second series is called "Sunny Beach Inn," set in the same universe as SBU. These are short, sweet with heat novellas (all 17k to 29k words) that originally appeared in various anthologies. The stories can be read in about two hours, and they revolve around a group of five friends opening up a fake bed and breakfast, also set in Miami. All six stories are done, and the series is complete!

Inn the Wild: A fish-out-of water, sweet with heat romantic comedy (Sunny Beach Bed and Breakfast Book 5)

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