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About Ida Duque

Ida Duque writes sweary, sweet with heat, romantic comedies with a Miami flair. Actually, if she’s being honest, it’s more like loud, crazy Miami-infused romcom with bad words. Her books feature smart sassy women who love life, family and each other and are hoping to find true love. Also, there’s kissing…lots of kissing! 


Ida is a Higher Education professional writing romantic comedy under a pen name, mostly because college students are not impressed by "kissing books." She loves her students and working on campus and there’s nothing else in the world she’d rather do. but she also loves writing stories and entertaining. A pen name seemed like a good compromise. 


A native of a beautiful island in the Caribbean, these days Ida lives in South Florida with her husband and two kids, one of whose future plans include becoming “the boss of Miami.” Seriously. Ida’s loving every minute of raising her but will welcome parenting tips on dealing with aspiring dictators. There are currently no playgroups in their area organized for fiercely independent kids also interested in political machinations and autocracy.

Random Facts Ida Duque

1. She lives in South Florida and is fully bilingual.
2. After owning a few dogs during her lifetime and being a dog person (and after much research and conversations with the kids,) during the Summer of 2021. Ida & her family adopted a rescue kitten (who now owns this family!)
3. She has two "useless" skills: Tetris and parallel parking. She's a level 3* on Nintendo Switch Tetris and has been told by men (who have observed her parking) that she's "really good." 
4. She addicted to both coffee and chocolate. She blames her husband for the coffee addiction (LOL)
5. Ida writes under a pen name. She's an extrovert who loves people. This means she can't be FT author because she would be bored at home. She works with college students, and she loves it! Not to mention, I'm sure the cat appreciates having the house to herself all day.  

6. She lives close to a few higher education institutions (she couldn't escape even if she tried!) A simple search of reveals: FIU, UM, MDC, NOVA Southeastern and satellite campuses of Barry U and FNU, to name a few.
7. She lives in Kendall, a community in South Florida, where everybody drives (you don't want to know her thoughts on public transportation OMG.) Curiously enough, Kendall was home to both Janet Reno & O.J. Simpson.

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