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Check out my sweary, sweet with heat, romantic comedies about women that have cool jobs and who find their happily ever after. Stories with low-angsts/low-drama that are sure to make you laugh. Also, there’s kissing…lots of kissing but no graphic sex.

My first series is called "Sunny Beach University," about a bunch of people that work in higher education and fall in love! You will not find professor/student romance, as someone that works in higher ed... let's just say I have strong opinions on the matter... but also, if you've ever wondered what happens inside a university or what does staff (not professors) do all day, you might learn a few things!

If you work in higher ed, I hope you love the stories and that they make you laugh. Our profession is amazing and crazy and so much fun! I love working with students! 

I'm also working on a series of short stories (10k to 20k words) about a fake bed and breakfast, also set in Miami. I'll be writing six short stories that will be appearing in different romance anthologies starting with Latin Fiesta and ending next Summer. Afterwards, you'll be able to find the whole set!

The-Humor-of-Love-ebook-cover (final).jp

The Humor of Love
Is for sale in all retailers for .99

Gabby and Ralph. Ralph and Gabby. They have been there, tried that, and they just don’t work.

Then one night when Gabby is stranded with a flat tire, Ralph appears—her knight in a shining... Hawaiian shirt?  Of all the roadsides in Miami...

As Gabby and Ralph are pushed back into each other's worlds, they can’t resist the attraction that still crackles between them. But when Gabby blames Ralph for a career-destroying incident, she decides Gabby and Ralph are done—for good, this time.  But is there more to the incident than she realized? Is Ralph her downfall... or her savior?

This lighthearted novelette will have readers laughing and falling in love themselves while they root for the two mismatched love birds to finally come home to one another. 

This second chance romantic comedy (a novella) is available for FREE on Bookfunnel (by joining my newsletter with an email address) or you can buy it for .99 on several online retailers.

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The Academy of Love
Is for sale at $2.99 or FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited!

Three things are as certain in Olivia’s life as the Miami heat: her cheating ex-boyfriend is trying to steal half of her house, her hot new coworker is trying to steal her promotion, and her best friends always, always have her back. One out of three isn’t bad, right? 

A string of terrible post-breakup dates has Olivia leaning on her girlfriends for support when she literally bumps into Tom. Sparks fly, only to be shut down when she meets him again—at work—and finds out he’s up for the same promotion she’s been working towards all summer. 

Even though the promotion is the key to keeping her whole house, Olivia keeps getting distracted by Tom. From the moment she meets her new coworker, Tom makes Olivia’s heart skip a beat. He is everything her ex-boyfriend wasn’t: charming, protective, and—unfortunately for Olivia—completely off limits. 

Tom is irresistible, but giving into her growing attraction could cost Olivia everything she’s been working for. Is finding true love worth the risk?

Author’s note: This office romcom is “sweet with heat”—the sex is implied, the swearing is real, and the shenanigans are laugh-out-loud funny.

fiesta Nights.jpeg

Fiesta Nights: A Limited Edition Collection

Do you love this cover? We love it and you're going to love the stories!

From Cupcakes with Carlos to Valentina’s liar, this collection brings the heat. Dance with fate, celebrate culture, and fall in love with traditions. Chefs, coaches, tequila distributors—Fiesta Nights incorporates your favorite tropes with characters from all around the globe.

Fiesta Nights is coming to a Kindle near you September 15, 2022! Check out my story in the collection: Inn Close Proximity

Julie is a go-getter and she's determined to get her brand-new business venture of the ground by any means necessary. She's completely focused on the success of the new bed-and-breakfast she's opened with her friends in South Florida. There's only one tiny problem, Alex, the architect her brother's hired to help them.

How can she even focus when her brother's best friend is there at every turn? Even worse, when he admits he's attracted to her but promised her brother he'd stay away from her? Will she let family get in the way of true love or go after what she wants?

Author’s note: In this hate-to-lovers romcom about a brother's best friend—the sex is implied, the swearing is real, and the shenanigans are laugh-out-loud funny.


A Stud for the Season: A Limited Edition Contemporary Romance Anthology

Check out my story: "Christmas with the Dean!"

Need a holidate? From sexy Santas to Kwanzaa kisses, each page of this anthology shines with holiday cheer. Fall in love with a stud this season in this limited-edition collection of contemporary romances brought to you by USA Today bestselling and hot new authors!

My short story "Christmas with the Dean" its a second chance romance featuring the Dean Lozano of "Sunny Beach University" and his love Leyla —the sex is implied, the swearing is real, and the shenanigans are laugh-out-loud funny.

Stud is coming to a Kindle near you November 30th, 2022!

Coming Soon

Tittle: TBA

A friends-to-lovers sweet with heat romantic comedy.

Get to know Bianca as she (finally) finds her HEA. A Friends to Lovers story

First draft is completed! Currently in developmental edits!

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Coming Soon

The Key of Love

An enemies-to-lovers sweet with heat romantic comedy.

Follow Valentina as she finally finds her HEA.

First draft is completed!

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Coming Soon

Tittle: TBA

Get to know Andrea as she finds her HEA.

First draft is completed!

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