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Check out my sweary, sweet with heat, romantic comedies about women that have cool jobs and who find their happily ever after. Stories with low-angsts/low-drama that are sure to make you laugh. Also, there’s kissing…lots of kissing but no graphic sex.

My first series is called "Sunny Beach University," about a bunch of people that work in higher education and fall in love! You will not find professor/student romance, as someone that works in higher ed... let's just say I have strong opinions on the matter... but also, if you've ever wondered what happens inside a university or what does staff (not professors) do all day, you might learn a few things!

If you work in higher ed, I hope you love the stories and that they make you laugh. Our profession is amazing and crazy and so much fun! I love working with students! 

I'm also working on a series of novellas (17k to 27k words) about a fake bed and breakfast, also set in Miami, called Sunny Beach Inn. All six stories are done! You can find (some) below as part of limited-edition anthologies, but you'll be able to find the complete series fall 2023!

The-Humor-of-Love-ebook-cover (final).jp

The Humor of Love
Is for sale in all retailers for .99

Gabby and Ralph. Ralph and Gabby. They have been there, tried that, and they just don’t work.

Then one night when Gabby is stranded with a flat tire, Ralph appears—her knight in a shining... Hawaiian shirt?  Of all the roadsides in Miami...

As Gabby and Ralph are pushed back into each other's worlds, they can’t resist the attraction that still crackles between them. But when Gabby blames Ralph for a career-destroying incident, she decides Gabby and Ralph are done—for good, this time.  But is there more to the incident than she realized? Is Ralph her downfall... or her savior?

This lighthearted novelette will have readers laughing and falling in love themselves while they root for the two mismatched love birds to finally come home to one another. 

Author’s note: This second chance romcom is “sweet with heat”—the sex is implied, the swearing is real, and the shenanigans are laugh-out-loud funny.

The-Academy-of-Love-ebook-artwork (1).jpg

The Academy of Love
Only $2.99 or FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited!

Two truths and a lie:

Olivia loves her job as an academic advisor at the university.
Olivia just got dumped by her long-term boyfriend on her birthday.
Olivia is keen to fantastic at first dates.

After her life crashes and burns spectacularly, Olivia is struggling to maintain her chill. Luckily, she has the perfect goal to keep herself focused as she pulls herself together - the promotion she's been working toward all summer long.

Only the competition isn't just fierce, it's downright delectable, and she finds herself questioning whether she wants the job more, or the man she's fighting to get it.

Throw in a meddling Latina mom and brothers who she should have smothered years ago, and the chaos in her life is complete. Will Olivia keep her sanity and find true love before the end of the semester?

This office romcom is "sweet with heat" —the sex is implied, the swearing is real, and the shenanigans are laugh-out-loud funny.


Romancing the Billionaire: A Limited Edition Romance Anthology

These men don't know proper office etiquette.

Fancy offices, skyrises, and enough money to buy their own island. That's right; sexy billionaires!

Come dive-in into the Romancing the Billionaire anthology full of dreamy men. You can expect to find: second chance, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, and fake relationship tropes.

Contributing authors:
Ashley Zakrzewski
Anne Lange
Darby Fox
Ida Duque

Check out my story in the collection: Inn Love or Money

Alma and her friends have finally opened the bed-and-breakfast they’ve worked so hard for. Alma is positive, driven, and completely focused on the success of their new business. She’s also hilariously obsessed with zombies.
When both a hurricane and a mysterious stranger show up on opening week, Alma might lose
not only her business but worse than that, her heart. Will Alma figure out how to save both in time?

Author’s note: In this stuck together, billionaire romcom —the sex is implied, the swearing is real, and the shenanigans are laugh-out-loud funny.


Love Languages: A Limited Edition Romance Anthology

Any way you say it, it means I love you...

These heroes know just how to show their love. The perfect relationship doesn't exist, but sometimes you can get pretty close.

Come binge this anthology to fall in love with our heroes, believe in love again, and cheer for happily ever after's!

Check out my story in the collection: Inn Love with the Latin Nerd

Christy and her friends are working hard to make their dreams come true. Christy is colorful, dedicated
and focused on success. She also loves living in Miami and refuses to move to another city.

When Jason volunteers to teach her accounting and sparks fly, there’s only one problem. He’s set to
leave soon. Will she be able to resist the temptation or will she break her most self-imposed rule for

Author’s note: This is a best friend's brother romcom —the sex is implied, the swearing is real, and the shenanigans are laugh-out-loud funny.


Like Father Like Daughter: A Single Dad Romance Anthology

Hot Single Dads... deserve love too!

These fathers will do anything for their daughters. Their bond is unshakeable. They might just fall in love with their boss, best friend, or nanny but these guys deserve love. Sometimes they stick to some much of a schedule, they forget about the importance of taking care of themselves. They deserve love too!

Check out my story in the collection: Inn for the Moment

Maria’s business is blossoming and life is awesome, why ruin it by taking unnecessary risks? Maria is hardworking, loyal but more than anything, extremely risk-adverse.

When she needs a date and the brand-new chef offers to fake date her, she figured, this is the best idea. After all, it’s fake dating.

And what about his cute kid? Between the two of them, they have Maria questioning everything. It doesn’t take long before Maria realizes she might be missing more than she thought. Will Maria throw caution to the wind and take her biggest risk yet?

Author’s note: This is a fake-dating, he-falls-first (and hard!) romcom —the sex is implied, the swearing is real, and the shenanigans are laugh-out-loud funny.


Wild About You: A Limited Edition Collection

Romance takes a walk on the wild side.

What do Zookeepers, park rangers and veterinarians have in common? They have big hearts and compassion for nature.

Follow unlikely pairs, angsty enemies, and adorable sidekicks as they overcome obstacles, care for unruly animals, and fall head over heels in love.

Fans of Adam Sandler’s The Zookeeper and Fifty First Dates will love the lighthearted moments and mischievous animals in Wild about You.

Check out the last story in the collection: Inn the Wild

Author’s note:  fish-out-of-water romcom —the sex is implied, the swearing is real, and the shenanigans are laugh-out-loud funny.

Coming Soon

Tittle: TBA

Get to know Bianca as she (finally) finds her HEA. A Friends to Lovers story

First draft is completed! Currently in edits!

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Coming Soon

The Key of Love

Follow Valentina as she finally finds her HEA.

First draft is completed!

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Coming Soon

Tittle: TBA

Get to know Andrea as she finds her HEA.

First draft is completed!

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